Hey, I'm David

I'm a Computer Science PhD student at Rice University and a Systems Engineer from Universidad de Antioquia. I research optimization applied to quantum computing, quantum machine learning, and quantum computing benchmarks. I am passionate about coding, languages, anything quantum and learning in general!



  • Optimalab
    Rice University, 2022-current
  • Sistemas Embebidos e Inteligencia Computacional (SISTEMIC)
    Universidad de Antioquia, 2021-2022
  • Grupo de Investigación en Telecomunicaciones Aplicadas (GITA) in Semillero de Óptica y Fotónica Aplicada (SOFA)
    Universidad de Antioquia, 2020-2022
  • Grupo de Investigación en Terminología y Traducción (GITT)
    Universidad de Antioquia, 2018-2021




Mobile Apps

  • Test and Practice
    Have you ever needed to take quizzes on a certain subject, or memorize a concept quickly? If so, this app is perfect for you! Create your own tests or take tests created by others, you decide how you want to practice concepts and refine your knowledge.
  • Sugiereme
    Android app made for the subject Mobile Computation in University of Antioquia for submitting recommendations and ranking a wide variety of subjects including books, movies, sports and much more!


  • JavaScript30
    This repository stores plain JS solutions for each of the 30 days of the Javascript 30 challenge. The challenge consisted of using HTML, JS and CSS to create fun solutions that show just how useful plain JS is for designing web pages, and it sure is! I hope you enjoy these projects I've put my creativity into. :D


  • Gravity Battle
    A space game where you throw asteroids at each other... And you are a planet! Rediscover the laws of physics in an interesting interstellar scenario with cool game mechanics.



  • Robotex Entrepeneurial Challenge: 2nd place, 2019
    The competition’s challenges consisted in using UiPath for creating RPA solutions to automatize diverse processes in the least time possible with documentation and functionality standards.
  • National ICPC Programming Contest: participant, 2019
    Nationwide International Collegiate Programming Contest in Colombia. The contest objective was to solve 12 programming problems in a maximum time limit of 5 hours using Java, Python, C or C++.
  • Quantum Coalition Hack IBM Technical Challenge: participant, 2021
    A quantum computing hackathon oriented towards using Qiskit Pulse to explore higher energy states and put together a unique project which shows how that higher energy state directly benefits or makes my idea possible.
  • Protege a los Líderes Sociales Campus Party Hackathon: finalist, 2019
    In this USAID/Colombia and IBM Hackathon, we proposed a technological solution to reduce the risk social leaders are exposed to by creating a videogame based on common violent situations they are subject to and how to confront them.


  • IBM Quantum Challenge, 2021
    The challenge was aimed towards completing quantum computing problems like implementing a quantum error correction code, performing pulse calibration on a real quantum system, decomposing quantum circuits into basis gates of IBM Quantum systems and factoring using Shor's algorithm.
  • IBM Quantum Challenge - Africa, 2021
    This challenge focussed on completing quantum computing problems that can be useful to Africa. These problems are relevant in the fields of medicine, finance and logistics and are solved by using quantum computing algorithms.
  • IBM Quantum Challenge Fall, 2021
    IBM quantum challenge focused on completing a series of exercises in two weeks. The exercises consisted of quantum computing applications including portfolio optimization, image classification, and battery revenue optimization.


  • Do it easier with RPA
    Codex Universidad de Antioquia, 2019


  • English: Native
  • Spanish: Native
  • Portuguese: Intermediate
  • Italian: Basic
  • Japanese: Basic (Currently learning)


  • Celpe-Bras Brasilian Portuguese Certification: Intermediate